The WiNS Board 2023

Our board is structured around five core pillars that ensure the smooth and effective functioning of our association: The Coordination Team, the Events Team, the Marketing Team, the Politics Team as well as all Active Members.

Our Coordination Team ensures that every project and initiative is seamlessly integrated into our overall strategy and direction.
Our Events Team organizes and manages a myriad of activities, bringing our members together and fostering community engagement.
Our Marketing Team handles our branding, promotions, and communications across various platforms.
Our Politics Team works to address issues and represent our association at different forums.
As an essentiall component of WiNS, our Active Members play a role in organizing and helping out with events.

Board Meetings:
The WiNS Board gathers every two months, providing a platform for discussion, strategy formation, and addressing current projects. It’s where the magic happens and our goals are forged! Are you passionate about what WiNS stands for and eager to make a difference? We welcome anyone interested to be a part of our board meetings. Whether you’re looking to actively contribute or just understand our workings, you’re always welcome. If you’d like to learn more, have questions, or want to get involved, please reach out to us at

WiNS Coordination Team

Amrita Singh-Morgan


Amrita is a PhD student in the Mougel Group in the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry (LAC). She researches heterogeneous catalysis for carbon dioxide reduction, but in her free time she loves to cook and go on hikes in the mountains!

Rojapriyadharshini Gandhimathi


Roja is a PhD student in the Kutay Group at the Institute of Biochemistry (IBC). In her free time she likes to go for a run, do yoga and science communication via social media.

Adeline Schmitt


Adeline is a PhD student in the Wennemers Group at the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry (LOC) and one of the external relations responsibles for WiNS. She likes to spend her free time in the mountains, either skiing or hiking; For a relaxing time, she always enjoys a good coffee in some of her favorite spots!

Magdalena Lederbauer


Magdalena is a Chemistry MSc student and currently works in the Digital Chemistry Laboratory/Jorner Group (ICB). In her free time she loves to explore the realms of Machine Learning in Chemistry, read and dance. She is always open to new tools to code or elevate WiNS' website. Feel free to reach out to her!

Ankita Chavan

D-BIOL Chairwoman

Ankita is a PhD studen in the Jagannathan Group at the Institute of Biochemistry (IBC). She loves to learn and perform Indian classical and Bollywood dance. In her free time, she likes to explore new places and meet new people.

Irina Organesyan

D-CHAB Chairwoman

Irina is a PhD student in Analytical Biochemistry at D-CHAB (LOC), researching dynamic biomolecules to gain a deeper understanding of life. In her free time, Irina loves exploring the great outdoors as well as traveling to discover new cultures and perspectives.

Nerea Abando

D-MATL Chairwoman & Graphic Design

Nerea is a PhD student in the Laboratory for Nanometallurgy Group (D-MATL) where she is working on 3D printing of active metals. Outside of ETH she can be found in the mountains, cooking or by the lake/river in Zurich when we are lucky enough to see the sun.

Katharina Kolatzki

D-PHYS Chairwoman

Katharina is a PhD student in the Nanostructures and Ultrafast X-Ray Science Group of Daniela Rupp (D-PHYS). Besides working on helium microdroplets, she loves to sing, play the piano, and hunt for vintage art and furniture.

WiNS Communications Team

Lea Capek

Social Media & Student Representative

Lea is a Bachelor student in Interdisciplinary Sciences at D-CHAB and supports the team as a student representative and social media responsible. In her free time, she likes to read, go for a run and meet her friends for coffee!

Syeda Batool

Social Media & ICB Representative

Syeda is a PhD student in the Bokhoven Group at Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering (ICB). She works in tuning and understanding the catalysts for heterogeneous catalytic systems. She is a proud mother, loves snowfalls and likes to cook Chinese and Asian food for her family.

Ana Kitanovic

External Relations

Ana is an Interdisciplinary Sciences MSc student working in the Kleele Group at the Institute of Biochemistry (IBC), with a passion for molecular health science and cellular biology. In her free time, she enjoys pilates, dancing, and exploring culture and art with friends. Feel free to reach out to her with any ideas for the WiNS team.

Elise Komarczuk


Elise is a PhD candidate in the Jeschke Group in the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry (LPC). In her free time she likes to dance, do yoga and spend time outside on the mountains, skiing, hiking and swimming in lakes!

Alma Köllensperger

Graphic Design

Alma is a Bachelor student in Chemistry at D-CHAB and creates lovely flyers for our events. She loves to spend time in nature and boulder at ETH Hönggerberg!

Tatiana Akhmetshina

Graphic Design

Tatiana is a PhD candidate in the Metal Physics and Technology (LMPT) group at D-MATL and creates beautiful posters for our events. She enjoys hiking, reading books and learning languages!

WiNS Active Members

Chloé Bazin

Student Representative
(D-CHAB) & Photographer
MSc Interdisc. Sc.

Carla Trapp

Alumnae Coordinator
Student, BSc Chemistry

Hanna Schäfer

Student Representative (D-CHAB)
BSc Chemistry

Nina Glaser

LPC Representative
PhD-Candidate, D-CHAB

Angana Mondal

LPC Representative
Post Doc, D-CHAB

Mercede Azizbaig Mohajer

LPC Representative

Laura Poller

LOC Representative
PhD-Candidate, D-CHAB

Aline Bauer

IPW Representative
PhD-Candidate, D-CHAB

Eva-Maria Manz

IPW Representative
PhD-Candidate, D-CHAB

Saiyyna Stepanova

IPW Representative

Lena Skrutl

IBC Representative

Gloria Sancho

IBC Representative

Nevena Srejic

IBC Representative

Selina Gurri

IMHS Representative

Andrea Rich

D-MATL Representative

PhD-Candidate, D-MATL

Stefania Ketzetzi

D-MATL Rep., Mentoring Program

Post Doc, D-MATL

Cristina Martin Perez

IPA Representative

Valentina Gasser

Advisory Board Member
PhD-Candidate, D-CHAB

Mikail Levasseur

Male Ally

Post Doc, D-CHAB

Linos Hecht

Male Ally

Rhiannon Zarotiadis

Active Member
PhD-Candidate, D-CHAB

Olivera Stepanović

Active Member
PhD Candidate, D-CHAB

Aline Linder

Active Member
PhD Candidate,bD-CHAB

Ann-Sophie Paschke

Active Member
PhD Candidate,

Tabea Knüsel

Active Member
Student, BSc Interdisc. Sc.

Cäcilie Müller

Mentoring Program
Student, BSc Interdisc. Sc.

Cosima Brudy

Active Member

Rebecca Anne Gallivan

Active Member

Aishwarya Vishwakarma

Active Member

Virginia Sinigiani

Active Member
PhD-Candidate, D-BIOL

Seraina Domenig

Active Member

Elisavet Tazedaki

Active Member