Who does WiNS represent?

Welcome to the website of the Society of Women in Natural Sciences at ETH Zürich!
We were founded in 2014 as the female association of the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences (
D-CHAB) and were joined by the Department of Biology (D-BIOL) in 2021. We represent all female members of the two departments and our mission is to support Women in Natural Sciences via engagement in career and personal development events, networking and leadership.

Our formal constitution can be found here. For a selection of our present and past events, see our events and gallery page.

New Here?

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This website serves as an overview of our mission, displays the current board members and past events in a gallery. For further inquiries don’t hesitate to reach out to WiNS via mail (wins(at)chem.ethz.ch)!

External Links

You can read our Mission Statement here. With this mission, we are not alone!

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If you experience harassment or discrimination at your workplace, there are places you can refer to.


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